Worship and Arts Ministry

The worship and arts ministry is designed to encourage people to use their gifts to glorify God. In each worship experience we incorporate many facets of music and drama. It is our desire to encourage, train, and lead those who God has called to serve in our worship ministry with a spirit of excellence and humility.

Ray Kilgore, Worship Pastor

Gulf Coast Worship Choir

Our worship choir is designed for adults and teens ages 15 and up. The choir is involved on a weekly basis in our Sunday morning worship service as well as rehearsals on Tuesday nights. Childcare is provided for rehearsals, as well during our Sunday morning service. Two things are required for anyone wishing to be a part of this awesome ministry… faithfulness and a heart that longs to worship God! For more information on being involved in the choir please email Pastor Ray Kilgore. (ray@gulfcoastchurch.org).

Worship Band

The musicians play a major role in the worship experience at GCC.  In line with Psalm 33:3, the band is a group of skillful and anointed musicians who have a passion to play for the Lord.  The lead musician is Pastor Ray, GCC’s Worship Pastor.  Along with him are guitars, drums, organ,  and the orchestra.  If you have an interest in being involved in this ministry at Gulf Coast Church, please contact the church office, or email Pastor Ray (ray@gulfcoastchurch.org).